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Password Manager

Store generated or previously used passwords at one place. Use advanced app for free, no fee or hidden charges. You can print report of your password details in pdf file when ever you like. Your data will be secure and protected under zarx protection. So feel free to try this awesome tool today.

Task Manager

Create Tasks, Save them any way you like. You can download them in pdf and in word formats. You can arrange them in various ways (To-do, in progress, rejected, and done) And the best thing is everything is free.

YouTube Manager

Youtube Downloader, Manager, Mp3 convertor and also YouTube Playlist Downloader all for you totally free. Try today

URL Shortener

Convert long hard to read url into short and sharable. our advanced free URL shortener will do the hard work, It will store your link with encryption and will give you secure short URL to share. We make sure your links work every time you use them.

Text Generator

Generate demo content and use it anywhere. Paragraph, ordered or un-ordered list, code samples. Totally free to use.

Image Compressor

This amazing free image compressor will compress your images as you like, You can preview before downloading images You can rotate, flip, compress, invert add logo as water mark and many more things you can do, And the best part, it is totally free. We release updates every week so you will see performance improvements.

Why choose us? Because its Free

Modern Advanced and Secure tools for Free.. No Catch at all. We improve our application every day so you have awesome experience.

We provide awesome tools totally free, These tolls are getting improved by our development team every day. We also release tools version update. On every successful update.

High end secure platform for you to use. Just create a account and use any toll you want to use. We need you to register with us so we can provide you safe environment. And eliminate harmful users.

Highly Secure & Private

What ever content you save on Zarx.Biz. Will be secured and only you can access it. We categorize and filter data with some high-end technologies so we can assure 100% Privacy.

Experience Speaks

We are team of Highly skilled Developers located in Australia. We are putting are best knowledge to make Zarx.Biz Better and easier so users can have great experience.

Free Web Applications

We do not charge anything for any of our services. All tools you use on Zarx.Biz are free. But free tools are advanced and only free because we want users to join awesome Zarx.Biz Community.




Only Plan

  • Password Generator + Manager
  • Task Manager
  • Image compressor
  • Url Shortener
  • Youtube Tools

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